Benefits of regular practice of Tai Chi

Tai Chi can boast many benefits and it is not just for the older generation, Tai Chi can be beneficial for all ages:

  1. Brings about deep relaxation of body and mind
  2. Reduces impact of stress
  3. Increases awareness of the mind and body
  4. Improves postural alignment
  5. Acts as a safe weight bearing exercise, supporting healthy joints
  6. Lengthens postural muscles, improves upper and lower body flexibility
  7. Prevents and treats arthritis, osteoporosis and fibromyalgia
  8. Lowers blood pressure
  9. Counteracts ageing and chronic conditions by relaxing blood vessels,
    making them more elastic Increases aerobic capacity
  10. Raises anti-oxidants in blood
  11. Strengthens leg muscles to improve balance reducing incidence of falls
  12. Relaxes muscles relieving tension and stiffness
  13. Regulates and deepens breathing, treating respiratory conditions including COPD
  14. Helps with pain management 
  15. Increases mindfulness by harmonising heart, mind and body (coherence)
  16. Works towards mindful movement, body control and smooth coordination

A recent study at Birmingham University compared the health benefits of Tai Chi and Zumba and Tai Chi came out on top

There are other studies looking at health benefits: