Class Structure

Classes are structured in a friendly supportive atmosphere. More advanced students are able to help newer members. There is always plenty of time for questions and reflection.
Most classes last two hours which includes a tea break of Chinese tea which affords a rest and time to get to know each other.

Warm Up

Class will start with some swinging exercises to loosen and then a thorough warm up to mobilise all the main joints and to get the muscles warm.

Chi Kung / Qi gong

A variety of meditative breathing exercises are used to relax the mind and body. Some exercise routines are used to stimulate the flow of energy around the body and others are used to reinforce the Tai Chi principles. Standing Chi Kung exercises are also used to explore the importance of combining structure and relaxation.

Tai Chi Yang Style 24 short Form

This is a short routine developed to introduce the principles of movement in a clear way. For beginners and advanced levels.

Tai Chi Cheng Man Ching 37
short Form

This is Professor Cheng Man Ching's short Form which has been called a Chi Kung Form to focus on the essential principles of Tai Chi and to develop the internal energy needed for the martial applications of the Form. For beginners and advanced levels.

Tai Chi Chen Style 19 short Form

This form was developed in 1995 by Master Chen Xiao Wang in response to students around the world asking for a shorter sequence suitable for beginners; it is a definite step outside the traditional frames and although it includes two kicks and there are a number of direction changes it is easier to remember than commonly taught long forms such as Old Frame First set (74).  19 includes elements of both old and new frame.